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C++ - Course by Gordon Dodrill.

C++ is the best language. This course I wouldn't call the best, but it's one of the best - no doubt. Download the guide to find out yourself.

C++ - MSVC 6.0.

C++ is the best language. :) Visual C++ is one of the worst realization. However, it's a de facto standard. So please find the official documentation of Microsoft :) Billy da gates is da dead gates.

SQL - manual in plain text.

And in Russian. Nice and simple reference guide.

Assembly - some manual.

I stole it from packetstorm site which doesn't exist anymore so I won't put a reference to it here. Nice set of facts.

Assembly - Peter Abel.

Famous manual of Peter Abel. In Russian :)

Assembly - Jourdain.

Also a famous manual of Robert Jourdain. And also in Russian :)

Assembly - fpu opcodes.

FPU is FPU and you could do nothing about it.


I'll put something in here, I promise! But not now...

Have fun! Or if you don't want to, just return to the main page of this so called site.