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About me

Name: Denis

Last Name: Tishchenko

Date of Birth: Jan 10 1976

Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine

School: High School #197, Kiev

Education: MS in mechanics and applied mathematics

Graduated from: Kiev T.Shevchenko University, department of Mathematics and Mechanics

Current Employment 1: Kiev T.Shevchenko University

Position 1: Graduate student

Current Employment 2: Robertson & Blums Ukraine, branch office of RBC

Position 2: Sometimes programmer, sometimes translator - depends, you know :)


Programming: C, C++, Assembly, FoxPro, sometimes Access and other "DBs suck" staff. Under almost all conditions I prefer using compilers of Borland Corporation. From this site you could download several books related to programming. Just click here.

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian and French. You could find some interesting links to foreign languages related stuff here.

Pictures: Deniko at work .

As a matter of fact I must have some other hobbies, but I can't remember them at the moment. Maybe I'll add them later. For now please go back to the main page of the site.